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Experienced Savannah Landscaping Company

Alex Manker started Manker Landscape in 1998 and has built on his many years of experience to not only get the job done but to make it appealing and long-lasting.  Alex was employed by a large Savannah landscaping company for over 10 years prior to founding his own business, where he managed numerous people with as many as 12 crews in the field at a time.  Manker Landscape currently has numerouse employees and adds additional seasonal help as needed. 

Alex Manker, Founder & CEO

Alex began his journey toward becoming a business owner at the age of 15 when he pushed a mower to yards around his own neighborhood.  Later he graduated to hauling around a heavy-duty Snapper mower in a little Toyota pickup. Today, he has a fleet of vehicles to service Savannah and the surrounding area.

Alex’s gift for customer service encouraged him to pursue a certificate in Horticulture and start his own business.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, one with a BBQ restaurant and one with a beauty shop, Alex knew success was in his future.  Encouragement for one another is part of the family equation, with many lessons to be learned and passed along.


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